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Please enable people to help you in packaging


I just looked at some TeXLive bugs in Debian. I would have sent a patch
for #600375, but I wasn't able to find out where the control file is

1) Please document which VCS you are using (yes, I know it's SVN -
that's not at all obvious from the PTS, though). And please add
vcs-* fields to your control files, because even though I know the VCS,
I failed to find out where the control file for texlive-pictures lives.

2) If you fix a bug, please mark it as pending - #492932 was fixed three
years ago, but there's no sign of that in the bug report.
I'm quite sure there exist some hooks for SVN to manage this
automatically from debian/changelog entries.

3) If you don't consider something to be a bug, please close it right
away. There's no point in accumulating bugs just for the sake of it
(#600339 is an example of such a bug). 

Number 3) is my personal opinion, but I think that 1) and 2) are
universally true.


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