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Re: please test proposed updates on lenny!!

On So, 10 Mai 2009, Hilmar Preuße wrote:
> I've downloaded the tfm files from CTAN; they're identical to these
> in your package:

Yes, that is fine. They OLD version of packages contained wrong tfm
files, as did texlive itself for long time.

> What makes me wonder: the time stamp of the tfm files on CTAN is
> 1995-08-14 02:00:

Not a problem, it seemed that at some point the tfm files were wrongly
recreated in texlive, we don't know where why when.

> Unfortunately the submitter did not say *what* has changed in the tfm
> files. Maybe a special kerning pair was fixed and I have to have that

The baseline differed a small amount, I attached the original email to
the texlive mailing list.

Best wishes


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the LaTeX test suite uncovered a problem with at least one tfm file, namely 
lcircle10.tfm from the latex-fonts package. For example, character 27 (O 33) 
should have these metrics:

   (CHARWD R 2.8)
   (CHARHT R 1.42)
   (CHARDP R 1.38)

(freshly generated by mktextfm a few minutes ago),

but the version in texlive has

   (CHARWD R 2.8)
   (CHARHT R 1.4249935)
   (CHARDP R 1.375008)

Note that the baseline is shifted by 0.025pt.

A quick glance over the tftopl output shows the same shift for a lot of the 

I'd be interested to understand how this happened.

 For the LaTeX Team
   Rainer Schöpf

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