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Re: Sould tl-latex-base suggest/recommend tl-fonts-recommended?

Frank Küster wrote:

> In the long run, the cleanes solution would be to fix TeXlive upstream,
> including:
> - allowing to put files from equally named directories into different
>   tpm files (that's the reason why the psnfss tpms are so large, they
>   include everything with */times/*, */helvet/* etc. in their name, even
>   if there's no connection to psnfss and the free urw type1 base fonts)

That would indeed be good.

> - let collection-latex-base (or however it is called) depend on the
>   stripped-down urw35.tpm

If you want to make sure that the fonts (metrics and pfb files) needed
by PSNFSS are installed, then it is not enough to only install the LW35
fonts. In addition, one would need charter, pazo (currently in
tl-latex-recommended, where it does not belong), fpl, and rsfs. Probably
also uotpia, since it is now free. That is already a significant portion
of tl-fonts-recommended.


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