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Re: debian.ch AGM 2010 on 2010-05-20

On 27.04.2010 08:11, Adrian von Bidder wrote:

On Monday 26 April 2010 21.16:16 Daniel Baumann wrote:
[...] thinking about a po box, [...]

Ah, I love our tendency to be perfect.  Can we get ISO certification for
debian.ch, please?

A P.O. box would be major silliness.  It would cost money, and somebody
would have to get the letters (implying that the box would need to be close
to the actuary) or we'd have to have the letters forwarded to the actuary,
which probably would cost more money.

Again: In the ~ 3 years since I had the official postal address there was
one single letter sent to me.  Word must have gotten around that debian.ch
does have an email address.

So let's leave the address with me (I don't care), or let's change it
according to whoever is actuary (since nobody uses the address, I doubt that
this will matter.)  Just don't spend further time and money to deal with a

My comments about the addresses:

- p.o. boxes cost nothing
- but anyway it should be controlled regularly

Anyway, as I see in a lot of small associations:

- legal place is usually the legal address of one of the
committee member (secretary, president or treasurer, according
to convenience), and there is no problem on changing frequently
the address.

- p.o. boxes are eventually used for convenience (to pick
up earlier the personal post, etc.), but usually it is not
used for a "stable address" (maybe in Bern, Zurich and other
big cities, where there is special big rooms for central p.o.

- I don't think the others argument of Adrian are real
  arguments: I really don't think the address will have political
  importance, I really hope it is not so!  The legal convenience is
  also a very relative argument. I don't think we will have problems,
  but anyway, in this case, it would be simpler to move the legal place
  near the person that will follow personally the cases.

So IMHO we should not worry to change (ev. frequently the legal
address), and for convenience I would use the same address we
receive the bank statements, but really we should not really
care very much.


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