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Re: debian.ch AGM 2010 on 2010-05-20

[ just to be perfectly clear: the dilemma of not having a generic and stable post address to reach the association has nothing to do with the legal seat - the address of the actuary, the address where the association can be reached under (aka the secretary), and the legal seat of the association (which consists of a name of town only) are three totally independent things ]

On 04/26/2010 07:25 PM, martin f krafft wrote:
Okay. Fact is that the post address resides with Adrian, who is no
longer actuary. We can expect the actuary to change then and again,
and we don't always want to move address. Short of a PO Box or
asking e.g. /ch/open, can you think of another solution?

given that the actuary is subject to unforseeable and sudden changes (e.g. because he steps back, or doesn't get re-elected), to me, anything but a po box appears to be either unreasonable (having it pointing to another organisation) or unreliable (changing it to the current actuary at a time).

thinking about a po box, there comes some of issues to mind:

  * how much would it cost?

  * where would we want it to be?

  * would it make sense to choose it somewhere near to a board member,
    so that that someone is supposed to fetch the letters physically
    once a week or so?

  * if not, or if that's not possible, or if the board changes and no
    member is near enough to that po box anymore, how much would it
    cost to have the post office send the content to a given address
    (e.g. the current actuary)? that way, one would only need to tell
    the post office about one address change (e.g. the one of the

lacking those informations, and lacking further creativity, i don't think i have a qualified opinion on that at the moment.

anyone knows how other associations handle such situation? surely, we can't be the only one having that problem..

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