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Re: debian.ch AGM 2010 on 2010-05-20


On Monday 26 April 2010 16.26:56 Daniel Baumann wrote:
>    - mfk: revise membership:
>      + membership should only be automatic for DDs with permanent
>        residence in Switzerland
>      + other DDs, and non-DDs with advocations, need to show up at the
>        AGM when their membership is to be decided and introduce
>        themselves, travel will (better: can) be funded.

Simplify all of this: entirely waive requirements on members except that 
they have to show up and that the meeting can vote on new members; 
membership (like all decisions of the meeting, it's already in the bylaws) 
is effective *after* the meetings, so new members don't have voting power in 
their first meeting.

 * membership doesn't get you any tangible benefits, so accepting new 
members only once a year is no problem.
 * if anybody cares enough about Debian to know about where the meeting is 
to be held, I guess he's welcome.  We still have the right to vote down 
 * de-emphasises the distinction between DD/DM/non-formal-people-who-work-

And I don't think that we want to put the ability to fund travel for this 
purpose in the bylaws, but I agree that we probably should fund travel for 
"interesting" people (as defined by the board) if they otherwise 
wouldn't/couldn't join.

-- vbi

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