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Re: debian.ch AGM 2010 on 2010-05-20

On 04/27/2010 09:39 AM, Giacomo A. Catenazzi wrote:
- legal place is usually the legal address of one of the
committee member (secretary, president or treasurer, according
to convenience),

ftr: you make the same confusion as martin did. there's no such thing as a 'legal address'. there's the legal seat, and there's a post address where the association can be reached under. they are completely seperate things and have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

and there is no problem on changing frequently
the address.

changing the legal seat often is uncomplicated, but it sucks. changing the post address frequent is a bit more complicated (as there needs to be forwards in place etc) and sucks too.

- I don't think the others argument of Adrian are real
arguments: I really don't think the address will have political
importance, I really hope it is not so! The legal convenience is
also a very relative argument. I don't think we will have problems,
but anyway, in this case, it would be simpler to move the legal place
near the person that will follow personally the cases.

as i said, each of the reasons i've outlined, seen for itself, are neglectable and not much convincing to move the legal seat to bern. however, as i already said, all of them together make it worthwile, to me. ymmv.

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