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Re: debian.ch AGM 2010 on 2010-05-20


On Monday 26 April 2010 19.25:28 martin f krafft wrote:
> > you're confusing things. what i'm speaking about is the legal
> > *seat*, not the post address of anyone or anything..
> Okay. Fact is that the post address resides with Adrian, who is no
> longer actuary.

JFTR: Diana and I plan to stay at this address for the forseeable future, 
and given that since I'm receiving official snail mail for debian.ch there 
has been exactly one letter to the official debian.ch postal address, I'm 
happy to play "official P.O box" for debian.ch independent of my position or 
non-position on the board.

All "real" correspondence is probably either linked to switch or to 
financial matters, and we can have whatever address is convenient in those 
places.  That pretty much leaves junk mail and Microsoft suing us that would 
be delivered officially, and I'm happy to receive both :-)

And a propos the legal seat: I don't really care.  I think makes sense to 
have the official postal address match the legal seat.  But having a board 
member close to the legal seat is a valid argument as well.  

-- vbi

Unklarheit und Gewalt ergänzen einander.
		-- Klaus Mann

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