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Re: sparc video problems

On 3/31/2006 3:44 AM, Gary Parker wrote:
> Admar Schoonen wrote:
>>>FYI, the U5 has the same openprom as the U10. The 'setenv output-device 
>>>screen' command only affects the Creator3D card (if yopu have one) in an 
>>>U10 and has no effect on the output of the VGA ATI display adapter on 
>>>either the U5 or U10.
>>Wrong. You can change the default resolution at the open boot prompt, as
>>documented at
>>(search for output-device on that page). According to that page, 1152 x 900 at
>>76 Hz is the default resolution.
> I respectfully beg to differ. That may be the case for Blade100's but my 
> Ultra10 flatly refused to display anything from OBP on a TFT I have and 
> no amount of fiddling with the output-device settings fixed it. Once 
> booted into Linux, however, fbset allowed me to set it up properly and 
> get a prefectly usable 1024x768x60 display. Whether this behaviour is 
> specific to a certain revision of OBP or not I don't know, ymmv.
> Gary

I have Creator 3D in my Ultra 10.  I am running it with 1280x1024x67 on my LCD.
 I booted Solaris via the serial console then ran ffbconfig to find out all
combination of supported resolution/frequency.  That is the only one works on my
LCD.  Perhaps, you might want to find out what your hardware is capable of
before you can change your setting.


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