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Re: sparc video problems

On Fri, Mar 31, 2006 at 09:47:38AM +0100, Gary Parker wrote:
> Steve Meyer wrote:
> >But I still get nothingL  The person I bought the machine from did 
> >include a 13w3 connecter but there is no place to plug the thing in.  I 
> >know my monitor can easily support the 1024x768x60 resolution so I don?t 
> >think that is the issue.  Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
> FYI, the U5 has the same openprom as the U10. The 'setenv output-device 
> screen' command only affects the Creator3D card (if yopu have one) in an 
> U10 and has no effect on the output of the VGA ATI display adapter on 
> either the U5 or U10.
> It's possible to pass parameters at boot-time to the fb device to make 
> it display correctly once the kernel is loaded but I'm under the 
> impression that if you don't see the OBP at boot time you never will 
> with that monitor.

(since this is the second time today this question comes up, I'm CC-ing the
other poster too)

Wrong. You can change the default resolution at the open boot prompt, as
documented at
(search for output-device on that page). According to that page, 1152 x 900 at
76 Hz is the default resolution.

On that same page, there are also user contributions about which monitors do and
which don't work. It is meant for a Sun Blade 100, but the on board video card
in those machines is very similar to the one in an ultra 5 / 10, so it could be
useful for those machines as well. (Search for SyncMaster on that page to see
the reports.) Note that some (all?) the resolutions mentioned in there are for
Solaris X server (XSun), which can be changed by the solaris program

BTW: perhaps the 13W3 connector can be used to connect an old 13W3 sun monitor
to a standard vga card? (Or at least to a sun framebuffer with vga connector,
which is what I use in my setup.)

Hope this helps


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