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Re: sparc video problems

Admar Schoonen wrote:
FYI, the U5 has the same openprom as the U10. The 'setenv output-device screen' command only affects the Creator3D card (if yopu have one) in an U10 and has no effect on the output of the VGA ATI display adapter on either the U5 or U10.

Wrong. You can change the default resolution at the open boot prompt, as
documented at
(search for output-device on that page). According to that page, 1152 x 900 at
76 Hz is the default resolution.

I respectfully beg to differ. That may be the case for Blade100's but my Ultra10 flatly refused to display anything from OBP on a TFT I have and no amount of fiddling with the output-device settings fixed it. Once booted into Linux, however, fbset allowed me to set it up properly and get a prefectly usable 1024x768x60 display. Whether this behaviour is specific to a certain revision of OBP or not I don't know, ymmv.


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