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Re: which xserver to use on Ultra2 ?

You need to do dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 and select sunffb as
your video card, with resolution 1152x900. To get the right resolution,
you might have to edit /etc/X11/XF86Config-4.

--- "Mehul N. Sanghvi" <mnsanghvi@comcast.net> wrote:

> 'allo,
>      I've got an Ultra2 Creator, and am unable to get the X Server
> started.  What is the X Server I should be using on such a machine ?
> I currently have fbdev selected as that was the default selection
> when I installed xserver-xfree86 package.  I have also tried
> some of the Sun video stuff like suncg14, etc.  They all give the
> same "No devices detected." error, while the fbdev driver just fails
> because it can't start up and find some symbols that it needs.
> Any thoughts or suggestions ?
> cheers,
>       mehul
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