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Question on netboot

Dear listmembers,
to realize a netboot, I set up one of my boxes to run rarpd. The other one (that should boot) boots usually from cdrom.
I took the vmlinuz, the System.map and the initrd file from the cdrom, uncompressed vmlinuz, converted it to an aout file using elftoaout.

Then I grouped the files by piggyback64 using

piggyback64 vmlinux System.map initrd

and put the resulting file vmlinux into the boot-server's tftpboot directory, making a link to the target's ip-address.

Everything seems to work, the boot starts, the kernel is being downloaded from the server, the actual boot starts.
Then I get:

Freeing initrd memory - 923k freed
VFS: mounted root (ext2 filesystem).
/bin/sh: Can't open (this is my tftp - server's IP address)
Unimplemented Sparc System Call 188 (propably unrelated)
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init
press L1

Can anybody help me out of this? Many thanks in advance,
take care

Dieter Jurzitza



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