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[snapshot/master] Actually wait for extract get to finish [snapshot/master] Add a comment about dependencies of the fsck component [snapshot/master] Add add-dump-to-git [snapshot/master] And a tool to get out dumps from a git [snapshot/master] and do it better [snapshot/master] DB scheme 14: Postgresql 9.0 demands we properly type our NULLs [snapshot/master] describe motivation [snapshot/master] exit if backing-store is not a dir, do not just complain [snapshot/master] Fix link to removal logs [snapshot/master] hardware issue update [snapshot/master] New rsync on remote site adds more options [snapshot/master] No longer need to link to masterdomain for removal logs, as we do complete database syncs now [snapshot/master] Remove note that removal logs are only available on snapshot-master [snapshot/master] Say thank you to sanger, clarify the source of the backup data, and remove reference to -volatile since that one looks just fine [snapshot/master] script to import all mirrorruns found in a dump-git-repository [snapshot/master] Use proper variable when reporting an error Bug#606419: snapshots stopped on november 20th Location of archive.d.o on stabile and sibelius Processed: reassign 601169 to gdm,gdm3 Strange snapshot repository behaviour The last update was on 06:17 GMT Thu May 30. There are 26 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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