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Re: Strange snapshot repository behaviour

Thanks a lot Peter

How did you work out which release it was in? Is it a matter of going through each release for the date until it's found? Is it at all possible to have the release name somewhere in the info for the package on the site?


On 21 December 2010 01:22, Peter Palfrader <weasel@debian.org> wrote:
On Tue, 21 Dec 2010, Brad Milne wrote:

> First, thanks for such a great service. It's fantastic to synchronise
> upgrade paths of multiple environments.

Thanks.  Glad that you like it.

> I have a query though: Looking, for example, at the python-minimal package.
> According to the site
> browser<http://snapshot.debian.org/archive/debian/20100122T215428Z/pool/main/p/python-defaults/>,
> python-minimal_2.5.4-9_all.deb was in since 2010-01-22 21:54:28 . Using a
> snapshot date equal to or after this, however, is still pulling in  2.5.2-3,
> i.e. an older version!

Currect, this means that on this day the python-minimal_2.5.4-9_all.deb
package was on the _ftp-server_.  It does not necessarily imply that it
was part of any releases (i.e. the Packages files).
However, in this case python-minimal_2.5.4-9_all.deb was in a release -
it was in unstable.

If you look at the packages file at
you will find
| Package: python-minimal
| Version: 2.5.4-9
in it.

So, if you want to install this package with apt you can either replace
"testing" in your line with "unstable", or add an unstable line.
Or you could try a couple days later and see if it has migrated to

If you just want that single package you could also just download it and
use dpkg -i to install it.  This will however not automatically take
care of any dependencies for you.

I hope I could answer your question,
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