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Location of archive.d.o on stabile and sibelius

Hi snapshot people, hi mirroradm people,

i am trying to move away services from klecker to different hosts. It
looks to me that a copies of archive.debian.org are already present on
sibelius.debian.org and stabile.debian.org. But when looking deeper into
them, it appears to me that archive.debian.org::debian-archive was
mirrored over instead of archive.debian.org::archive

archive.debian.org::archive also has additional the archived versions of
debian-backports, debian-amd64, debian-non-US, debian-security and
debian-volatile while archive.debian.org::debian-archive has not, and
archive.debian.org::debian-archive only being a subset of

I would hate to loose the archives of -volatile, -security and co. So my
question would be to the snapshot people: what would break if we
reorganize the mirror of archive.debian.org on stabile and sibelius?

If the snapshot people ack this change, could the mirroradm people
please fix the mirrors of archive.debian.org on stabile and sibelius?

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