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Re: pull request

On Tue, 19 Oct 2010, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> > d7c0a6f933ae94f0a6bb6808d51335687f12bb94 bind domain and masterdomain configs to g. for easier access
> All merged.

> At first glance this sounds like a good idea in general, but I don't
> think adding it to the crumbs is a good plan (maybe somewhere at the
> bottom would be a better place, maybe even put the contents directly
> there)
I thought it might be an effective use of the webpage space -- date is
just a text, and that .list is very date specific, so kinda made sense.
but sure -- may be some 

> However, on second thought the question arises, what will you actually
> list in that file?  i.e. which distibution, which components?  I don't
> think there's a good answer to that that would generally work.  Or is
> there?

d'oh... I guess I rushed too much (again)... sorry -- let me think about
it a bit more

BTW -- browsed snapshot.debian.org.  From


I seems unable to enter any of the distributions... actually I am receiving
error while trying to access any date ... actually anything at all including
root... is it under upgrade now?

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