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Re: pull request

On Tue, 19 Oct 2010, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> d'oh... I guess I rushed too much (again)... sorry -- let me think about
> it a bit more

I guess the only somewhat a generic way to do that is to introduce
ability for custom hooks comprehending semantics of the browsed archive;
since snapshotting itself archive-agnostic (i.e. per se does not know
much about Debian archive structure ;), right?)

So, with some "pluggable" interface, little function hooked into
_dir_helper could obtain following logic:

if current dir from <archive>, <date> and path matching
dists/<some_release> carries file Release.gpg, make file


available containing

deb     http://${g.domain}/archive/<archive>/<date> <some_release> <subdirectories in that directory>
deb-src ...

and in the long run, such mechanism could allow for making archive
representation easily customizable per specific flavors of the explored
archives and the actual content...

... but if you do not like it -- lets forget about that ;)

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