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Re: pull request

Hi Peter,

Another pull request.  Nothing should really change the functionality (besides
by default suppression of the Python warnings in production), but the
review of changes is as always worthwhile.  Long descriptions in git contain
more information for reasoning of some suggested changes

$> git log --pretty=oneline origin..master 
99cbb05296eb8f3315f1042a732870acd8defc11 move pieces of root.mako into separate files to be %included
f5d7fe4ca2cba4025594a7bc1ea686a6754b3ba0 adjusted to defaults and commented out deployment tmpl config items which have actual defaults
c72b1fce44878f9b4e89a9376a76306cdbdac91f add config option to suppress Python warnings in production
943b00f838ba12616ee1b38f81281ead1496c3d7 use concise g.*domain variables instead of config[][] within controllers and templates
d7c0a6f933ae94f0a6bb6808d51335687f12bb94 bind domain and masterdomain configs to g. for easier access

additional feature I am thinking to add, but want to consult first:

add a link to "archive" pages to download a corresponding


apt file so people could simply place it under /etc/apt/sources.list.d/,
which would contain those deb and deb-src entries you describe on the front

what do you think? what would be the logical location for it on the page?  may
be right there in the menu (under crumbs) as an href for the date (which is now
just a text)?  may be it already exists and I missed it somehow?


On Fri, 15 Oct 2010, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> So, I put my clone at
> http://github.com/neurodebian/snapshot.debian.org

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