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Re: pull request

On Mon, 18 Oct 2010, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:

> $> git log --pretty=oneline origin..master 
> 99cbb05296eb8f3315f1042a732870acd8defc11 move pieces of root.mako into separate files to be %included
> f5d7fe4ca2cba4025594a7bc1ea686a6754b3ba0 adjusted to defaults and commented out deployment tmpl config items which have actual defaults
> c72b1fce44878f9b4e89a9376a76306cdbdac91f add config option to suppress Python warnings in production
> 943b00f838ba12616ee1b38f81281ead1496c3d7 use concise g.*domain variables instead of config[][] within controllers and templates
> d7c0a6f933ae94f0a6bb6808d51335687f12bb94 bind domain and masterdomain configs to g. for easier access

All merged.

> additional feature I am thinking to add, but want to consult first:
> add a link to "archive" pages to download a corresponding
> snapshot.<archive>.<date>.list
> apt file so people could simply place it under /etc/apt/sources.list.d/,
> which would contain those deb and deb-src entries you describe on the front
> page.
> what do you think? what would be the logical location for it on the page?  may
> be right there in the menu (under crumbs) as an href for the date (which is now
> just a text)?  may be it already exists and I missed it somehow?

At first glance this sounds like a good idea in general, but I don't
think adding it to the crumbs is a good plan (maybe somewhere at the
bottom would be a better place, maybe even put the contents directly

However, on second thought the question arises, what will you actually
list in that file?  i.e. which distibution, which components?  I don't
think there's a good answer to that that would generally work.  Or is
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