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pull request

Hi Peter,

Since I based my customization on top of those below I have decided just
to request a direct merge so I could later on simply merge your changes without
any rebasing trickery.

So, I put my clone at
so you could just do smth like

git remote add yoh git://github.com/neurodebian/snapshot.debian.org.git
git fetch yoh
git merge yoh/master # ;)

I promise not to pollute it with tags, so adding the remote should be a sane
action.  I bet you could improve upon those patches, and I would appreciate if
you simply merge them first and then tune them up so I would avoid
resolving conflicts in future merges. 

And here is the log of changes
$> git log --pretty=oneline origin/master..                 
c4283801b227af5395b591a1fd005a7df3c5bbef use config's snapshot.domain in page.mako
a994ce51cc8d7eb0b0173884be40eb38347950eb use config's snapshot.masterdomain in routes and in the root page
ac88e23b96c032890fc2574873ad15fbac4cd06e added missing expires.archive.index=20 for .ini_tmpl
15d542fe3b337e9257a546910702c66b8e4dc9b3 use config's snapshot.domain within controllers/* for crumbs
1b3a49e6c61ea9f50a66c6aebcd8e53a47d92890 adding web-ini config snapshot.domain and use its interpolation for snapshot.farmpath
da17199beca4494736eaa454e474849b65093f03 remove commas in list of packages (just for easy cut/paste for apt-get install -- this is not yet debian/control ;))
c484a1ffc45e57394d7f9996304fa6ad71f6d018 robust to python version/pecularities snapshot.wsgi
a09534916c089bc452451c4e1152d81f185e87eb use $BASE throughout import-run

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