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Re: Checking for services to be restarted on a default Debian installation

[ Still replying on security since that’s where the thread started, but
  feel free to follow up on private & maintainer’s list since it becomes
  off topic for security. ]

Hi Thomas,

Le 10/09/2014 14:29, Thomas Liske a écrit :

> The debconf stuff is upstream and IMHO *not* a "3.9.1 Prompting in
> maintainer scripts" issue (but I'm willing to fix your bug report
> #761068 anyway :-).

Great to:
- see one of the maintainers is following this thread;
- you’re willing to follow up on a BTS request, even if it’s not conform
to what it says ;).

Feel free to keep in the loop (for translation call coordination, or
even i18n help if needed) if you wish to.



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