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Re: [OT] Release cycle - was Re: My machine was hacked - possibly via sshd?

Incoming from Malcolm Ferguson:
> I completely agree that this needs to be discussed, but is a Debian 
> security list the right forum?

No, and sorry for continuing it.  Just one more thought ...

> It's clear that Debian is used for different purposes and one size might 
> not fit all.  Personally I like long release cycles.  I can't stand 
> constantly tinkering with my systems.  I've got better things to do with 

Agreed, and in case that's not loud enough for (some of) you, others
out here think the nitwits running bleeding edge software are utterly
insane!  :-)  I am tired of hearing Sven tell me to upgrade to the
latest mutt whenever I venture into comp.mail.mutt with a problem.  I
don't care if the latest version has cool new features.  It's also got
uncool new bugs (no offense intended).  I sympathise with the
developer in him who wants to fix bugs in the current source, not the
old source, but the old mutt mostly works pretty damn fine for me.
Why the heck would I want to upgrade to less stable software?!?

For all those out there moaning that Woody is just too damn old to
matter to anyone, bite me.  I love it.  You, on the other hand, are
apparently making unsound hardware purchases, or poorly researched
ones at least.  Physician, heal thyself.

Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced.
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