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Re: Debian or Redhat 7???

Steve here,

Well first, I repent of calling Linux 7: Redhat 7. Yes I am new. I have been maintaining my own box from a su level for about 3 months. That is why I was calling in an expert to install Debian tomorrow. It has become quite obvious to me that I am way over my head in trying to get my server secure.

But I would also like to say that I was humbled by the sheer volume of caring replies. I want to say that I have taken note of all of them and thank you.

My personal/superficial conclusions to my own questions based upon your replies is that Debian (as a software package) is a little more secure (for a variety of reasons), than Redhat 7. But the biggest factor is me getting pro help by someone who knows what he is doing. Done!

There is one primary reason why I would have chosen Debian over Redhat in the first place. The auto-update feature. I was on line for the Redhat Network. It never notified me of anything. Even now, after being hacked, is gives me those nice smiley icons saying all is ok! <g>

For me to get the box set up, then issue a one line command as the SU via "CRT" program in SSH mode, to update is breathtakingly attractive!


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