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Debian or Linux 7???


I am frustrated with the linux 2.2 kernel. I have had two hacks in 3 months and I am going broke rebuilding my server.

I went out and bought Redhat 7, and got hacked 6 weeks later.

I have been placed in contact with a guy who wants me to use Debian. But if it based upon the same kernel as redhat, how is it going to be more secure? I checked and found that

from (http://www.securityfocus.com/)
Security risks for years: 1997-2000 respectively:
Debian 3, 2, 32, 45, 12
RedHat 6, 10, 49, 85, 20

So Debian is about twice as good as redhat, but that is not real reassuring.

I am considering joining the debian family, but am a bit concerned about security.

Just how much more secure is Debian than redhat?


Steve Rudd

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