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Re: Debian or Linux 7???

> It might be more secure, because the packages chosen for distribution or
> often more tested - not the latest versions with brand new bugs but
> (somewhat) older packages with known bugs removed.

I would also have to add: I find it easier to keep Debian secure because
it is easier to get and install updated packages with Debian than with
Redhat.  Typing 'apt-get install package' beats digging around Redhat's
FTP site hands down... and switching would be worthwhile even just for that.  

I have been hacked myself twice in the past two years while running RedHat
systems, and it was because I was not diligent enough in the way I kept up 
with security updates.  Get Debian, read the HOWTOs to get an idea how
to secure it, and then stay on the security annoucement mailing list.  That 
really should get you most of the way there...

(Just my $0.02, anyway)


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