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Re: Debian or Redhat 7???

> Steve here,
> Well first, I repent of calling Linux 7: Redhat 7. Yes I am new. I have 
> been maintaining my own box from a su level for about 3 months. That is why 
> I was calling in an expert to install Debian tomorrow. It has become quite 
> obvious to me that I am way over my head in trying to get my server secure.

This is the best time to start learning.  How can it get worse ;)

> But I would also like to say that I was humbled by the sheer volume of 
> caring replies. I want to say that I have taken note of all of them and 
> thank you.
> My personal/superficial conclusions to my own questions based upon your 
> replies is that Debian (as a software package) is a little more secure (for 
> a variety of reasons), than Redhat 7.

Well, you did ask this on a Debian list.  I'm sure you would get other
responses from a RedHat list.  

> But the biggest factor is me getting 
> pro help by someone who knows what he is doing. Done!

Study what he has done and do your reading on the side.  It's been done 
(theoretically) right once, but it will need doing again.  This just
buys you some time (or your professional a trip to Bermuda).

> For me to get the box set up, then issue a one line command as the SU via 
> "CRT" program in SSH mode, to update is breathtakingly attractive!

Debian has gotten a lot of things right ;)

Aaron Ghent.

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