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Re: Problem getting uploads accepted due to NEW packages (so version bumps and acl restrictions)

On 20-04-21 05:09, Daniel Leidert wrote:
> [..]
> >  * upload all the SO bumping targetting experimental
> >
> > In order to do that, do you want me to change those packages so the
> > debian/changelog targets
> > experimental instead of unstable?  (should I bump the version suffix -1
> > to -2 then or can I still reuse -1 as it got rejected? might cause some
> > issue with the debian/ git tag in salsa though, deleting and forcing a
> > new tag isn't very elegant)
> This is just my opionion: Don't increase the Debian version and change the
> target. Re-creating a tag is not an issue. This tag hasn't been used anywhere
> nor isn't there anything relying on it.

Ok! Thanks, I now updated the rejected packages to target experimental and I
removed the "debian/*" git tag (we can retag again after upload).

> A clean workflow further would be to create an experimental (or
> debian/experimental) branch in case one needs to push a fix to the package(s)
> in unstable as long as the experimental packages wait in NEW. Note that if the
> branch is not the repository's default branch the Vcs-Git field in d/control
> should pass on the branch information as:
> Vcs-Git: <URL> -b <BRANCH>
> This actually helps the Debian tracker. It usually also requires to adjust the
> git-buildpackage configuration. So one has to add debian/gbp.conf to determine
> the correct debian-branch or use either the --git-debian-branch or the --git-
> ignore-branch switches.

I see the use, but I'd rather keep things as they are and not introduce
any new complexities that may cause things to go wrong :) Ideally
everything should be ready for upload now I think.



Maarten van Gompel


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