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Problem getting uploads accepted due to NEW packages (so version bumps and acl restrictions)

Hi all,

I've been updating various packages that are all part of our software
stack, but I'm having some trouble getting the final upload accepted.

I'm getting some rejections because of NEW packages (ACL dm: NEW uploads
are not allowed), the packages are only new because there was a library
(so) version bump due to ABI breakage:

ticcutils_0.24-1_source.changes REJECTED:
    binary:libticcutils8 is NEW.

libfolia_2.4-1_source.changes REJECTED:
    binary:libfolia14 is NEW.

ucto_0.21.1-1_source.changes REJECTED:
    binary:libucto5 is NEW.

frog_0.20-1_source.changes REJECTED:
    binary:libfrog2 is NEW.

mbtserver_0.14-1_source.changes REJECTED:
    binary:libmbtserver-dev is NEW.    #was missing before
    binary:libmbtserver1 is NEW.

Some other packages without library version changes did upload correctly
(but they may depend on some of the rejected packages).  Could someone
with the necessary permissions help me sort this out?

Kind regards,


Maarten van Gompel


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