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Re: Debian science package nursery

On Thu, Aug 18, 2005 at 01:18:49PM +0200, Frederic Lehobey wrote:

> My idea is simply generalising the idea to science software maintained
> (more or less according to the policy) outside Debian. (...) I
> believe it would be nice to provide (on Alioth) some intermediate
> caring (and hopefully friendly) place for the sources of the packages
> adopted by a `debian-science team' like what is done, for example, by
> the OCaml maintainers¹.  Such a place would also be nice for
> integrating into Debian and sponsoring packagers of science software
> willing to become Debian maintainers (it is the current OCaml
> maintainers practice, and of many others similar teams I suppose).

I would participate in such a group. We should invite the axiom, coq,
etc maintainers.


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