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Re: Sponsoring science packages

On Wed, 17 Aug 2005, kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:

While I agree that it would be easy to find the sponsors that way, I strongly oppose that idea of splitting the community further.
CDD is not about splitting the community but focussing on smaller pieces
of work.  The piece of work should match your day-to-day work, which is
definitely not "science" in general.

For example, When I have a laptop related problem, I often like to post to debian-user first instead of debian-laptop simply because more number of users read my post on debian-user. I get the same help from debian-user than debian-laptop but very quickly. It is the expertise on the list that matters than fine-grainly dividing the community to the atomic level.
That's why we have this *discussion* list.  It is fine.  But seeking for
sponsors is kind of asking for some work getting done.  Busy people do
not tend to subscribe to lists which do not really match their field of
work.  They probably will subscribe if they can be sure that it is actually
interesting for their day-to-day work.  If you are seeking for sponsoring
you are probably seeking for an expert, right?

As long as the list is friendly for newbies, no one flames about OT topics etc., debian-science in my opinion is preferable than more specific ones like debian-physics, debian-chemistry, debian-electrical ....
The topic said "sponsoring" but you are reasoning about this mailing list ...
My reasining was how you might enhance your chances to find a sponsor for
a special package.  Look at my case: I was *very* hesitated whether I should
subscribe to this list.  I did so for some reason.  But I guess I'm the
only one from debian-med.  If somebody here on this list would ask for
sponsoring microbiological software and I would have decided not to subscribe
he will most probably not find a sponsor.

Kind regards



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