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personal literature collection

Hi all

I am new to the debian-science mailing list and don't know if my issue has been discussed here before. Sorry if it was.

For quite some time I am thinking about a versatile system of managing my personal literature collection.

Such a system would have to provide at least the following features:
- indexing and searching across all items, like authors, title, article type, journal, keywords, date of publication, citations, ISSN, ISBN, etc. - and also personally defined items
- full text search (if full text available)
- personal notes management, preferentially with direct annotation functionality of text passages
- definition & management of excerpts
- support of a plethora of different file formats, like pdf, ps, dvi, html, plain text, office software formats etc.
- useful for local electronic, online and also paper documents
- management and preferentially graphical display of interrelationships across documents, like citations, keyword matches, full text classification (like cluster analysis) - with import and use of journal impact factors
- ideally such a system would include collaborative functionality

There are several Debian packages I think are or could be useful:
- bibtex / pybliographer for reference management
- swish-e / swish++ for full text search
- tagcoll / SQL databases for managing defined values
- dbacl for automatic Bayesian text classification
- alexandria / bookcase / tellico for managing book (and other paper document) collections
- also some wikis could be useful (at least for some of the functionality)

There are also web based systems being built tailoring to these needs:
- Connotea - http://www.connotea.org/
- CiteULike - http://www.citeulike.org/

How do you guys manage your literature collections?

I don't know of any advanced system available to date providing all the functionality outlined above, and it seems to me that the Connotea and CiteULike projects show that there indeed is no such system around. Or did I miss something?

Debian, however, contains tools which I think could be glued together to provide a big deal of that functionality. The question is which tools to use and how to proceed best...

Any ideas?


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