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Re: Bug #566650: Please unblock dtc 0.32.2-1

On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 09:25:52PM +0800, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Thomas Goirand wrote:
> > Can we move forward and discuss what should be done now, rather than
> > discussing the past?
> > 
> > Thomas
> It's been more than 10 days, and I still have no answer to what I will
> be allowed to change/fix. Each time I've been asking things about DTC to
> the RT, is it normal that I had no reply for a long time, got answers,
> but not about the technical points I'm talking about or had refusal that
> I upload fixed versions (based only on the size of the differences and
> the fact I was late uploading)? That kind of result surprised me.

Hi Thomas,

Firstly, please accept my apologies for the lack of reply to your mail.
As you can probably appreciate, there's a lot of work that the release
team have to do. However, that doesn't mean you shoudn't have a mail
back, so sorry.

I believe that the previous discussions on this led to the conclusion
that there is simply no way that the changes proposed could be reviewed.
So in a way, yes. The size of the changeset is the reason it's being
rejected. Please bear in mind the amount of emails we're getting to
review diffs.

> Time is passing, and I still don't see the light at the end of this
> tunnel. Isn't it time for more constructive discussions?
> Having a release team aims at enhance Squeeze and make sure there's no
> bugs in what we ship for the Stable release. Please help me to reach
> this goal for this package too: I'm currently waiting for an answer so I
> can start back-porting fixes form our stable version!

Ok, we're willing to accept changes that include the following only:
  - fixes for release critical bugs (i.e., bugs of severity critical,
  	grave and serious)
  - changes for release goals, if they are not invasive;
  - translation updates
  - documentation fixes

I hope this provides some clarity as to your request.

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