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Re: Bug #566650: Please unblock dtc 0.32.2-1

On Thu, Oct 07, 2010 at 02:17:54AM +0800, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> I know what I wrote, I know what has been written to me. I've been told
> that my message has been forwarded to the release team (however, it
> never has been written to me that it has been forwarded to a public
> list). It would take time (as I receive about 100 email a day and
> because I don't remember who wrote it to me), but I could search in my
> email backlog to prove it.


> > Please make sure that your future mails are send to out mailing-list.
> > I hate private requests for many reasons... one of them is transparency.
> Debian has the culture of transparency for absolutely every single bit.
> However, it might not be suitable on all cases, and I haven't seen
> anywhere that this should be an enforced policy.

You were told this (quoted with permission of faw):

| We started discussing some aspects of PHP but we didn't talk about
| DTC, we would really prefer to discuss it thru the list, to be open
| and transparent about the process and to be fair with others
| dealing with different aspects of the release process.

You were also told:

| I just want to tell you that you should do it rather earlier
| than later.  Even if it is a plan right now, you should make it
| public an known so we can talk about it and have a public open
| reference about the plan, goals and possible actions

> In my case, I was kindly asking for an advice, and it was my preference
> to keep it private. Is this wrong? What's wrong in asking advices to the
> release team privately, and tell about my plans for the release, if I
> wish to do so? Just one example out of many I have in mind: I might
> dislike to have some of my business competitors to read, and forecast my
> next move.

Debian isn't about business competition.  We did tell you to submit it to a
public list, AFAICS you did not followup, not even stating such a reason,

> > FWIW, I don't read private mails for unblocks.
> I understand that unblock requests have to stay public.


Kind regards,
Philipp Kern 

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