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Re: Should su-to-root be shipped in a separate package?

Russ Allbery wrote:
> I believe every system
> with GNOME or KDE installed has a few menu entries that need to run a
> program as root.  So it's worthwhile figuring out a standardized way of
> doing this.

it's worthwile enough if one considers that without a proper fix here,
those applications are just completely broken and not usable at all on
default debian desktop live systems. depending on how important you feel
that debian does ship live systems, this is a showstopper for it.

[ of course, rather than fixing it in debian itself, we could do some
hacks and sed all desktop files on live systems built time, and add a
hook to dpkg locally, so that packages that are installed on runtime get
fixed too. but that just sucks, amongst others also because we would not
be shipping unmodified debian anymore (which is the main intention of
debian-live). ]

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