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Re: shortening release cycles

Admittedly I am not a developer and have only been a tester so maybe
I am "out of line here" but taking the risk anyway...

Some portions of the distribution such as boot floppies can not be
created until after much of the rest of the distribution is frozen.

In practice (as I have seen it) some portions of the frozen dist. are
"more frozen" than others but formally they are not.

Would it be useful then to formalize a "system" of sequential freezing?

On Sun, Jul 11, 1999 at 02:12:48AM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> I really haven't seen any plausible suggestions on shortening the
> release cycle.  Does anyone have other ideas?
> Possibilities:
>  * reorganize the debian archive 
>    problem: no plausible/maintainable schemes yet proposed
>  * shut down new-maintainer
>    problem: don't see how it helps anything
>  * stop accepting new packages until the release manager is happy
>    about the state of the distribution
>    -- I think this is the best yet -- basically, an early freeze
>    with the possibility of unfreezing?
>  * more active debian QA group
>    -- Definately would help a lot, but how to recruite people into QA?
>  * resign ourselves to one release every 8 months to a year and leave
>    it at that, possibly giving more attention to fixing problems in
>    stable
> I think what we should do is have Richard publicly state he'll start
> an early freeze once the boot-floppies is in shape.  We are seeing
> renewed interest in boot-floppies, although I haven't seen that really
> turn into code yet.

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