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Re: shortening release cycles

Le Sun, Jul 11, 1999 at 02:12:48AM -0400, Adam Di Carlo écrivait:

First what I want to say, is that I subsribed to this list as an 
"unofficial" coordinator for the switch to perl-5.005.

Now I'm also a member of debian-qa and would like to give it a 
second life where it could be really useful.

>  * shut down new-maintainer
>    problem: don't see how it helps anything

It doesn't help but we could add some rules in order to go in the 
right direction, ie don't allow new maintainer to start with new 
packages, but only with orphaned packages. They could only make
new packages after some month of experience with us.

>  * more active debian QA group
>    -- Definately would help a lot, but how to recruite people into QA?

Did you read my QA related proposal in -private ? What we need is a new
tool (something similar to the BTS) where we could list all tasks
that can be done by people volunteering to help in QA.

I'm willing to work on that in one or two weeks. I'm currently working
on the CD scripts ...

And we need QA managers who have some power, like orphaning a package if
it's badly maintained and if the maintainer is not able to make it change.
They could also propose packages to remove from the already orphaned
packages ...

Also there are some tasks that could be delegated to this committe like
the management of the overrides ... because it's also QA job to guarantee
the consistence of the standard system. And it would help the ftpmaster who
currently handles this I think.

I'll launch a discussion about this in debian-qa once i've written down
all my ideas about this.

> I think what we should do is have Richard publicly state he'll start
> an early freeze once the boot-floppies is in shape.  We are seeing
> renewed interest in boot-floppies, although I haven't seen that really
> turn into code yet.

Hey people, potato is in a bad state. If I wanted I could open 50 more
important bugs because of packages that are still compiled with libgtk1.1
and many bugs like that. I'm discovering those while I'm checking all
dependencies with apt before adding them to the CDs ... and when I've got
more time, i'll check each of those package and will raise the severity of
already existing bugs or submit new ones. Examples: yagirc, fbrowser ...
and all the mysql is broken too ... and the same for perl stuff, the good
maintainers have already uploaded corrected packages. I'll submit
important bugs for those who still don't have in some days.

This is job for QA ! And I'd like to work for this in a more formalized

Hertzog Raphaël >> 0C4CABF1 >> http://prope.insa-lyon.fr/~rhertzog/

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