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shortening release cycles

I really haven't seen any plausible suggestions on shortening the
release cycle.  Does anyone have other ideas?


 * reorganize the debian archive 
   problem: no plausible/maintainable schemes yet proposed

 * shut down new-maintainer
   problem: don't see how it helps anything

 * stop accepting new packages until the release manager is happy
   about the state of the distribution
   -- I think this is the best yet -- basically, an early freeze
   with the possibility of unfreezing?

 * more active debian QA group
   -- Definately would help a lot, but how to recruite people into QA?

 * resign ourselves to one release every 8 months to a year and leave
   it at that, possibly giving more attention to fixing problems in

I think what we should do is have Richard publicly state he'll start
an early freeze once the boot-floppies is in shape.  We are seeing
renewed interest in boot-floppies, although I haven't seen that really
turn into code yet.

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