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Re: Announcing the availability of first Qt 3.3 packages

On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 02:40:57PM -0700, Brian Nelson wrote:
> Martin Loschwitz <madkiss@debian.org> writes:
> >> >> Also, you must only be talking about qt3-assistant, qt3-qtconfig,
> >> >> qt3-linguist, and qt3-designer.  
> >> >
> >> >> What you've said doesn't apply to headers, and who the hell knows
> >> >> what the difference between qt3-dev-tools, qt3-apps-dev, etc. is
> >> >> anyway?
> >> >
> >> > I do, and you would too if you had taken the time to look at the
> >> > package descriptions:
> >> >
> >> > qt3-dev-tools: a number of binaries ( note: architecture dependent, so
> >> >                you don't want them in an arch independent headers
> >> >                package ) for normal development with Qt
> >> 
> >> Who said we need a arch-indep headers package anyway?  I don't know of
> >> any other library packages in Debian that have one.  Hell, I co-maintain
> >> one, if not the, largest library package in Debian and it doesn't have
> >> headers split into a separate package.
> >> 
> > Ralf and I adopted Ivan E. Moores idea to have non-mt and mt packges since
> > it is important to provide both flavours.
> Back when Ivan was the maintainer, the multi-threaded version was new,
> experimental, and possibly unstable, so it made sense to maintain two
> versions.
> However, this is no longer the case, so I question whether the
> single-threaded libraries serve any useful purpose.

I believe this is the primary reason qt3 has both flavors in Debian
still. Back when Ivan maintained qt2/qt3 he made the packaging the same
for both iirc. qt2's -mt package was considered very experimental and
pretty much nothing used it. However, qt3's -mt package was considered
stable and nearly everything converted over to using it, right now only
2 packages in Debian are built against the non-multithreaded version and
that is probably just because the maintainer didn't know what they were


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