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Re: Announcing the availability of first Qt 3.3 packages

On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 11:08:52AM +0200, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> Brian Nelson writes:
> >> qt3-dev-tools: a number of binaries ( note: architecture dependent,
> >> so you don't want them in an arch independent headers package ) for
> >> normal development with Qt
> > Who said we need a arch-indep headers package anyway?  I don't know
> > of any other library packages in Debian that have one.  Hell, I
> > co-maintain one, if not the, largest library package in Debian and
> > it doesn't have headers split into a separate package.
> It's not a requirement, but it's generally a good thing to do, to save
> buildd time for arch-dep packages.  Please read the packaging policy
> if you need more information.  I'm not going to criticise your
> packaging of ace here.

How does having part of the package arch-indep actually save any
significant amount of time? Instead, it actually wastes a lot of
buildd time since by having part of the dev packaging be indep it
causes anything building against qt to ftbfs anytime a new qt is
uploaded. This is because the version of the arch-dep -dev package
depends on is no longer available until it has been built on that arch.
Some people don't believe this is an issue but it has bitten KDE _many_
times. This problem is going to have to be solved from an archive
standpoint before multiarch is started but right now it is already a
very big issue with qt.

> You also seem to ignore non-multithreaded use of the qt libraries,
> even though there are still applications depending on this.  You seem
> to not want to support embedded cross-development, again without
> considering people who need this.

There are only two packages that use non-multithreaded version and could
probably use it if we kicked their maintainers.



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