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Re: Why does kdm still set dpi to 100?

Rizsanyi Zsolt writes:

> On Monday 19 January 2004 23.53, Dominique Devriese wrote:
>> Zsolt Rizsanyi writes:
>> > So I think the first step is to set the DisplaySize in
>> > XF86Config. Then at least startx would work correctly.
>> There is no way afaict to guess this value for every user's
>> configuration, or is there ?

> I think it can be guessed for most of the current hw configurations.
> For the systems where it cannot be guessed the user should enter the
> values. He already does need to enter the horizontal and vertical
> refresh ranges of the monitor and the display size can be found at
> the same place in the manual :)

This is of course not something Debian KDE packages can change.  File
a bug against the relevant X package, if you want this implemented.

Btw, xdm also still adds the -dpi setting, so I'm inclined to think
there must still be a reason for it, no ?


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