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Question about Kmix with ALSA and OSS together


I recently noticed a change to Kmix that resulted in an amazing number of new 
slider controls.

I use both ALSA (for my primary soundcard) and OSS (for btaudio) in my system.  
Prior to this change, I believe Kmix was looking at my OSS mixers (one of 
which was actually an ALSA OSS-compatibility thing).

Because of the change to Kmix, I can now only see the real (and giant, but 
that's a separate complaint) ALSA mixer.  I no longer have control over the 
OSS mixer from Kmix.

Perhaps this bug report/fix is related to the change:

I am wondering, is there any way to get Kmix to support _both_ ALSA and OSS 
mixers simultaneously?  From my perspective, the change in functionality is a 
bad thing.

Mark Santaniello

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