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Re: How to implement QA web pages for a certain set of packages

On Thu, 25 Sep 2008, Paul Wise wrote:

(hope that these anchors links will be set - if not its probably easy
to create a patch.)

Seems they are set, no patch needed.

Yes, you are right.

But it seems that this method does not in all cases work reliable:

From ddpo@qa.debian.org Thu Sep 25 23:14:23 2008
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 14:44:23 -0600
From: DDPO Control Bot <ddpo@qa.debian.org>
To: tille@ravel.debian.org
Subject: Re: subscribe

Processing commands for ddpo@qa.debian.org:

Subject: subscribe

user debian-med-packaging@lists.alioth.debian.org
Set user to debian-med-packaging@lists.alioth.debian.org.
subscribe altree      bio
altree added to section bio.
subscribe fastdnaml   bio
fastdnaml added to section bio.
subscribe njplot      bio
njplot added to section bio.
subscribe tree-puzzle bio
tree-puzzle added to section bio.
subscribe treeviewx   bio
treeviewx added to section bio.
subscribe molphy      bio
molphy added to section bio.
subscribe phylip      bio
phylip added to section bio.
subscribe treetool    bio
treetool added to section bio.

---> there is no such section

subscribe bioperl      bio-dev
bioperl added to section bio-dev.
subscribe libncbi6-dev bio-dev
libncbi6-dev added to section bio-dev.
subscribe mcl          bio-dev
mcl added to section bio-dev.

---> while there is a section
bioperl is listed in the main section (while the other two are listed as

subscribe zope-cms     cms
zope-cms added to section cms.

---> fine

subscribe epigrass     epi
epigrass added to section epi.

---> no section epi, epigrass listed in main

subscribe amidectsim   imaging
amidectsim added to section imaging.

---> ups, this was a typo, but good for a test: I wished ddpo would at least
     warn about non-existant packages you try to subscribe.  Is there any
     sense to subscribe to not existing packages (am I missing something) or
     should I file a bug report?

subscribe ctn          imaging
ctn added to section imaging.

---> listed in main in contrast to the other candidates which are added
     as expected.

subscribe dcmtk        imaging
dcmtk added to section imaging.
subscribe dicomnifti   imaging
dicomnifti added to section imaging.
subscribe imagej       imaging
imagej added to section imaging.
subscribe minc-tools   imaging
minc-tools added to section imaging.
subscribe medcon       imaging
medcon added to section imaging.
subscribe python-nifti imaging
python-nifti added to section imaging.
subscribe xmedcon      imaging
xmedcon added to section imaging.

Stopping processing here.

debian-med-packaging@lists.alioth.debian.org is subscribed to the following packages:
 bio: altree fastdnaml molphy njplot phylip tree-puzzle treetool treeviewx
 bio-dev: bioperl libncbi6-dev mcl
 cms: zope-cms
 epi: epigrass
 imaging: amidectsim ctn dcmtk dicomnifti imagej medcon minc-tools python-nifti xmedcon
 tools: cycle
 typography: texlive-extra

---> I guess the later is the output of

    Print the list of subscribed packages (automatically shown after
    subscribe/unsubscribe commands).

So at least there is some way to obtain the list of currently subscribed
packages - even if it is not reliable because it shows the same problems
as above.  I would love to have a better interface than email to this
because setting up a procmail rule to catch which queries from ddtp seems
like a suboptimal option if you want to handle this stuff automatically.

Kind regards



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