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How to implement QA web pages for a certain set of packages


I would like to ask for comments on my plan to find a reasonable way to
produce QA pages for a "certain set of packages".  The idea behind this
is that David Paleino has created nice pages for Debian Med at


which is an adaptation of the script which is used by the perl packaging
team written by Martín Ferrari.  The problem is that this works only on
packages which are handled in SVN - but the Debian Med project has interest
in more packages.  Moreover related Projects like Debian Edu, Debian Science
and Debian Junior which should also profit from the code I want to write
currently have even less packages under control of their packaging team.
The rationale behind this is that these projects are not about packaging
software but assembling a set of packages inside Debian for a certain
purpose which might be maintained by random maintainers.  So the approach
to parse SVN does not work.

Another possible view on QA information might be


which displays the packages which are maintained by the Debian Med packaging
team - but this shows even less than the packages in SVN because some
maintainers are using our SVN but stay with maintenance of a single
person for certain reasons.

So the question is: Is there any reasonable general interface for QA
information assembled on these pages that can be work on a set of
packages I can give as input?  I have written some code that parsed
the tasks files which are used by these projects to provide a nice
overview about the packages in question.  You might like to have a
look at

   http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/tasks/index.html  or

which easily answers the question what packages I have in mind and
show the problem that these are maintained by different maintainers.

I'm wondering whether I should use the Universal Debian Database or
whether there are other means to obtain information about bugs,
version number in Stable/Testing/Unstable, upstram version via watch
file, lintian problems etc.

Any hint is welcome



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