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Re: How to implement QA web pages for a certain set of packages

On Wed, 24 Sep 2008, Paul Wise wrote:

Er, you didn't read down the page far enough (see the "Subscribing to
Packages" heading).

Whenever you want a new package to be monitored by DDPO for your team,
send a mail:

I do not really want to subscribe and I also think that the general
mail address does not fit.  We have different sections and we have people
who are working more on one section while ignoring the other.  Moreover
the subscription might have other side effects (which might be wanted an
I might think about it anyway).  So this is definitely no solution I have in

I don't think it supports subscribing to tasks, but you could work
around that or send a patch.

Where can I actually find the source?

Kind regards



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