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Re: Orphaned packages with very low popcon numbers

On Mon, Jun 12, 2006 at 06:22:26AM -0400, Jose Parrella wrote:
> I don't really support this idea but: what if a branch of the archive is
> opened where this packages could be put in and Debian makes a explicit
> statement indicating that packages there are orphaned or very little
> maintained? This would be like non-free where people knows that only
> non-free software sits there.

This is similar to Ubuntu's "universe" component, where it is understood
that there are relatively few developers directly caring for a large number
of packages.

> I don't like the idea of having tons of repositories (i.e. Ubuntu)

Ubuntu's archive has four components (main, restricted, universe,
multiverse) to Debian's three (main, contrib, non-free).

 - mdz

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