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WCO E-learning Customs Training - Register now!



WCO E-learning Customs Training

Would you like to get certified by WCO?

Would you like to have an easy and quick access to training where and when you want it ?

With WCO e-learning modules, acquiring knowledge is more flexible than ever. It is a logical evolution of new training methods, which lets you access Customs and Trade training at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.
Case studies will complement the presentations on technical subject 

The complete offer is available in English and French.  Certain modules are available in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic: 
  • Harmonized System EN, FR, ES
  • Customs Valuation EN, FR, ES, PT
  • Rules of Origin EN, FR, ES, AR
  • Transfer Pricing EN, FR, ES, PT, AR
  • Security, Risk Management EN, FR, ES
  • Temporary Admission EN, FR, ES
  • CITES Convention EN, FR, ES, PT, AR
  • TIR Convention EN, FR, RU, AR
  • Do not miss this opportunity to enrich your knowledge!


    And discover our different Training Solutions all year long :


    Classroom training

    Five different courses performed by expert trainers with concrete application in the workplace.


    Customized training

    Customs and Trade trainings at your business premises!


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