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Re: Current state of packaging Python software for Debian

On Wed, 15 Jun 2011, Zygmunt Krynicki wrote:
> >oops -- I bluntly believed that we are taking care about both
> >aspects in Debian ;-)
> Well joke aside you cannot fix the tarball that people release on
> pypi with half of the test code and data missing just because their
> MANIFEST.in was flaky.

;-) And that is when my evil "package from VCS" comes into play.  For
some projects I package directly from a clone of upstream GIT (or even
gitsvn'ed upstream's SVN).  And then I deal with actual sources, not
with possibly stripped or crippled source distribution, so I can
fix any issue like the one you brought up.

Sure thing such approach is not universally-advisable: has its own cons
as well.

> In that sense we are not doing "release management" as there is no
> equivalent of dist-check without being able to fix .orig.tar.gz.

so... in that sense I do then ;-) moreover for some upstream projects
upstream releases get synchronized with Debian  -- quite usually I first
check if everything is cool on my side and give 'Ok' (or commit few of
such "release" fixes).  And such approach is not conditioned on "package
from upstream VCS" per se

> If we are talking from a perspective of upstream developers that
> also maintain their packages then I would *love* to see setup.py
> sdist-test and would use it each day.


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