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Re: packages that raise string exceptions

[Éric Araujo, 2010-05-28]
> Hello
> > Jakub Wilk found the problem and prepared a list of packages affected:
> > http://people.debian.org/~jwilk/tmp/string-exceptions.ddlist
> > 
> > anyone volunteers to check them and report bugs?
> Is this specific format used by tools that help with bug reporting?

not really, see `man dd-list` and `man mass-bug`

packages¹ listed in above file should be checked anyway - for false
positives or just to check which severity should be used (docstring ones
should be at most "minor", IMO)

[¹] egrep -o "^\s+([a-z0-9.\-]*)" string-exceptions.ddlist | sort -u
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