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Re: Python talks at DebConf

[anatoly techtonik, 2010-05-08]
> Only ideas.
> "Using Python toolchain for Python modules/apps in Debian?"
> Cover stdeb (anything else?), the reasons (if any) political and
> technical, why it (or anything else) can not be used instead
> unpythonic and unfamiliar make/debhelper stuff. It is not really
> helper if no one understands how it works, and it is confusing for
> non-C folks.

looks similar to mine...
> "Ubuntu, Debian and Python packaging."
> Why the difference? The consequences.

I'd love to see this one.

The only reason I got from Ubuntu for doing transitions outside Debian
and allowing Debian to do it later (and forcing us to fix after them)
is... "because you are slow". All technical reasons (like relative
imports in 2.6) were easy to prove wrong. I'm sure Ubuntu guys are not
crazy and do not break universe on purpose (main is always well tested)
so I'd love to hear their reasons.

> "Python policy 2010."

> Why not use virtualenv for Packaging applications?

Every single DD understands that shipping two copies of the same file is
one too many. We can talk (BoF) about how to convince upstreams to be
sane, though (search for Barry's ideas in this¹ thread)

[¹] http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2010-April/099729.html
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